When I launched Phoenix & Providence I was excited to stock a thoughtful selection of wellbeing products, to sell alongside our range of organic skincare. Sourcing quality herbal teas was on top of my list.

Tea drinking provides a moment of quiet, a ritual personal to your owns tastes, a pause in the day much like taking time for a skincare ritual. Good hydration is also key to a healthy skincare regime, and herbal teas can be a great way to top up your daily water intake. Finally, Phoenix & Providence skincare is intended to bring a spa like experience into your home. I love it when you are handed a glass of herbal tea at the end of a spa treatment, hence the additional incentive to stock something lovely to drink!

When I came across Nuditea’s tea selection I knew they were a perfect fit to stock alongside Phoenix & Providence skincare. Nuditea is founded by a lovely couple, Josh and Sophie, driven by high ethical standards, and of course the tea is delicious!


Josh and Sophie visited St. Martin’s last summer, and I was lucky enough to meet them in person. I absolutely loved the story of how they started Nuditea. I was also interested to find out more about their tea blends, as I really hadn’t tasted anything like them before.

So, I invite you to make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this conversation… 

Before NUDITEA Sophie and Josh were both doing very different things. Sophie was writing and Josh was working for a big company. They started planning what was to become NUDITEA in late 2019, as a result of lockdown Nuditea launched in July 2020.  

1) What inspired you both to start making tea blends?

We both love tea so much – it’s definitely our most enjoyed drink. But we rarely managed to find blends that we loved to drink all the time, so we decided to make them ourselves! We also wanted to bring new life to tea. It’s such a widely enjoyed drink, especially in the UK, but while coffee has had a remake of being cool, accessible, and conscious, tea isn’t quite there yet. So, we wanted to breathe new life into the tea industry with a range of tasty and comforting blends that genuinely made people excited to stick their kettle on! 

2) I absolutely love the name Nuditea, where did it come from?

Josh came up with the name NUDITEA as a sort of summary of our values: transparency, natural ingredients and a bit of fun thrown in too! 

3) How do you go about sourcing your ingredients? Are they all natural?

We source our ingredients from a few different places at the moment, some direct from source and others from middle people. Eventually we’d love to source everything ourselves and plan to travel and meet the owners of some amazing gardens once everything’s back to normal. 

4) The After Eight (Thirty) tea blend is like nothing I've ever tasted before, it's both indulgent and refreshing! How did you come up with the blend? 

Thank you so much it’s one of our favourites too. It was luckily one of those lovely blends that just came together! It only took a few iterations for us to get the idea of a chocolatey minty blend into reality. Most of our blends come from ideas like this, where one of us will go “what if…” and then we see if it can be done. 

5) The Clarity Blend is part of the P & P Rest and Reset Ritual, what ingredients are in the blend and how can it help with overall wellbeing?

Clarity Blend is my original favourite! I don’t drink much caffeine, but often still need a little mental boost in the mornings. So, we made it as a caffeine-free alternative to your morning start. The idea was to have a blend that works inside and out. We used ingredients with uplifting aromas like Sage, Peppermint and Rosemary for an aromatherapy boost, and Gotu Kola and Gingko Biloba which are used a lot in functional medicine for their energy properties. It’s such a special blend for self-care, as it can really help to clear and shift stagnant energy. 

You can shop the Rest & Reset Ritual here.

6) What is your Nuditea vision for the future?

We’d love to help more cafes create tea offerings that are as amazing as the coffee that they source. We’d also love to be stocked in Planet Organic at some point, it’s been my favourite shop for wellness since I moved to London, and it would mean so much for us to be on those shelves. 

7) One final question, what's it like working together?!

That’s a great question – it’s been a journey of learning a lot about each other, our working styles and respective strengths. It’s mostly just a lot of fun, but we definitely have had to work on no tea chat after dinner!

If you would like to discover the whole range of Nuditea tea blends then head over the to their website.


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