Herbalist and yoga teacher Morag Hensleigh of Foraged + Rooted has kindly shared her knowledge about the benefits of skin brushing with the P & P Community…

Skin brushing can help nourish the body not only at a superficial level but also working much deeper so that it contributes toward our overall health. When the skin is brushed this helps stimulate the flow of the Lymphatic System, a system which has no "pump" of its own. The Lymphatic System is part of what helps move the nutrients needed around the body, as well as helping remove waste and toxins, directing them to our eliminatory organs. These processes are connected to the Immune System helping to maintain our health.

This being said, the skin is one of the main eliminatory organs and when brushed we are helping to clear away dead skin cells and unblock pores, opening up a pathway to better allow the absorption of nutrients from nourishing body oils that are massaged into the skin.

For best results:

- Brush skin before showering.

- Start at the extremities, including your palms and soles of the foot, brushing in toward the heart.

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