The Nourish Body Oil was the first Phoenix & Providence skincare product formulated in my studio on St. Martin’s. The brief was to create a light but intensely moisturising organic seaweed body oil, designed to nourish both skin and mind.

The base for the Nourish Body Oil is seaweed infused cold pressed organic jojoba oil. To find out more about the seaweed harvesting and infusing process, you can read this post here.

Many moisturisers contain a high percentage of water and fillers, the Nourish Bottle Oil is 100% pure organic cold pressed oils infused with seaweed. This unique and rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants help improve skin tone and elasticity, resulting in soft and supple skin.

Inspired by my early morning walk to the beach, the Nourish Body Oil is scented with organic essential oils, lavender, eucalyptus, and juniper berry, blended to help calm and refresh, much like being near, or in, the sea.

How to Use Body Oil:

One of the lovely things about body oil, is that it is a very versatile product. Here are five rituals you could try, using just one product!

1) For a simple skincare ritual, use a gentle upwards motion and massage the Nourish Body Oil into damp skin. This helps lock in moisture and deeply hydrate the skin barrier.

2) Add a glug of oil to your bath. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential fragrance as it distills in the steam. As the oil mixes with the water, it will penetrate deeply, leaving you with soft and silky post bathing skin.

3) In Ayurvedic tradition massage the oil into your skin before showering or bathing. This allows the oil to penetrate deeply, as well as protecting the skin barrier from the hot water. If you suffer regularly from dry skin, then you may find this ritual particularly beneficial.

4) A hot oil massage is not only a treat for the skin, but a seriously comforting self care ritual. Place the bottle of Nourish Body Oil in half a cup of boiling water for one minute. (Test the temperature of the oil with your finger.) Massage your body slowly and intentionally with the warming oil. Take this time to connect with your body, enveloping yourself in this warming cocoon. 

5) Create your own body scrub mixing two spoonful’s of Rejuvenate Seaweed Bath Salts, and three spoonful’s of Nourish Body Oil. This homemade scrub will exfoliate and detox the skin. Simultaneously moisturising and hydrating, combining the uplifting energy of the salts with the calming, aromatic essential oil blend, to help ease any tension your body is holding.

A Guided Self Massage Video with Therapist Tia Tambyln:

Do you have 20 minutes and looking for total relaxation, to release physical and mental tension from your body? I am delighted to share with you this beautiful self- massage ritual created by therapist Tia Tambyln, exclusively for the Phoenix & Providence Community.


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