Phoenix and Providence has been created to infuse a sense of mindfulness and calm into everyday living.  Soothing and restoring, each product is hand crafted with care, infused with seaweed foraged from the shores of the tiny island of St. Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly, twenty eight miles off the coast of Cornwall.

A slow mindful process, the harvesting of the seaweed takes a full lunar cycle - everything takes a little longer on island time.  The dried seaweed is infused in cold pressed organic oils, as well as being ground by hand to make the most finely milled bath salts.

Seaweed is not only uplifting for the soul, but also impactful for the skin.  Moisturising and detoxifying, plumping and hydrating, the kelp is high in vitamin C and amino acids, improving skin tone and texture.

I’ve always suffered from dry, rough hands, and it’s something I’ve always been self-conscious about. After receiving the Soothe Hand and Body Balm I tried applying it at bed time and letting it soak in during the night. I now call it ‘my miracle cream’! I just couldn’t believe it! Not only were my hands lovely and soft in the morning, that lasted all day.

Tracey Scott

The scent of the Seaweed Bath Salts is so relaxing and the combination of the oils and mineral salts eases my tired mind and body. I prefer to have the seaweed floating in the bath (although there is handy little muslin bag if you’re not that way inclined!) as it evokes being submerged in the sea and the seaweed helps soften my skin. These have now become a staple in my bathroom, I wouldn’t want to be without them.

Fay Davis

The Soothe Hand and Body Balm is perfect for anyone like me prone to eczema. Particularly with so much hand washing and sanitising going on! A little goes a long way, even on my dry hands and it keeps your hands moisturised even during several more washes. For me, it’s great that it doesn’t have irritating essential oils too. I love it!

Trish Peacock

In love with the Nourish Body Oil, non greasy, super moisturising, gorgeous scent and all natural. All in beautiful and recyclable bottles. A little bit of luxurious self- care before bed.

Rose Samuel

A scilly story

Inspired by the island's kelp burning heritage, Phoenix and Providence is about ocean wisdom and mindful living.

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A love of wild swimming inspired the creation Phoenix & Providence Isles of Scilly skincare and wellbeing.