Phoenix & Providence organic seaweed skincare is formulated to leave your skin feeling soft, supple and glowing, creating a sense of ritual and self-connection in your everyday. Inspired by the skin and mind-cleansing benefits of the sea, our skincare is handcrafted with organic ingredients, and infused with seaweed foraged from the shores of our beautiful island home, St. Martin’s.

Abundant in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Isles of Scilly, seaweed is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that hydrate the skin, and promote collagen, improving skin tone, texture and elasticity. The anti- inflammatory properties of seaweed, along with a unique blend of minerals, help soothe, repair and strengthen the skin barrier, making it the perfect ingredient for all skin types. 

“Phoenix & Providence is so many things a nature-inspired beauty brand should be: ethical, natural, well formulated, led by the heart (important) and gorgeous to use.”

Fiona Klonarides, founder, The Beauty Shortlist Awards

A scilly story

Inspired by the island's kelp burning heritage, Phoenix and Providence is about ocean wisdom and mindful living.

A love of wild swimming inspired the creation Phoenix & Providence Isles of Scilly skincare and wellbeing.