Why Seasonal Skincare?

With our Phoenix & Providence skincare range, it has been a slow process of building up our product offering to create daily and weekly skincare rituals. I also had a vision to create seasonal skincare rituals that ebb and flow with nature’s energy, as well as with the needs of our skin at that point in the year.

Our seasonal bath and body oils are inspired by the changing energies of island life, supporting our skin through these transitional changes. The essential oil blends have been formulated to stimulate our senses, helping us to tune into the seasonal shifts and provide moment of stillness and reconnection in our busy modern day lives.

Choice of Spring Tide Ingredients

Paired with our skin soothing seaweed infused organic jojoba oil, blackcurrant seed oil is very rich in fatty acids that help replenish our skin barrier after a long winter of cooler weather. These vitamin abundant oils works synergistically, rejuvenating winter weary skin. Both the seaweed infused and blackcurrant oils are anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants which naturally help to nourish dry and damaged skin.

Connecting With Our Senses

Spring Tide is scented with organic essential oils. As the days begin to get lighter and longer and our energies increase, I wanted to find a fragrance blend to support our nervous systems through this change. I wanted a scent that was reviving, capturing the uplifting feeling as the days get longer and lighter and our energies increase. I also wanted a scent that was calming, to counteract the feeling of overwhelm that can often follow the rush of activity this time of year promotes.

Finding a scent blend for the Spring Tide Bath & Body Oil was the most challenging of all the seasonal blends. I had in mind a light floral fragrance. However, whilst individually these scented oils are beautiful, they did not pair with the natural seaweed fragrance. After much testing I finally found an essential oil blend that I think might be my favourite yet. Hannah, who works with me on production, also loved the scent and we have been inhaling it throughout the winter for an uplift in mood! I really hope you love it as much as we do. 

The organic essential oil blend is made up of…

Lemon: to purify body and mind, fighting feelings of exhaustion.

Petitgrain: bursting with positivity, Petitgrain promotes feeling of hope and calm, joy and bravery, as well as soothing any feelings of panic.

Ylang Ylang: the subtle floral fragrance blends beautifully with the two citrus scents. Promoting ease and harmony, a feeling of optimism and balance. Ylang Ylang also helps sooth any stress and tension.

How To Use Spring Tide Bath & Body Oil

Massage the oil into damp skin to deeply hydrate skin. Alternatively add a little oil to a warm bath for a luxurious soak and moisturised skin.


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