Island yoga teacher, Morag Hensleigh, has kindly filmed three breath work videos  for the P & P Community. Tuning in with our breathe can be a simple way to slow down and harmonise the mind, body connection. Breath work can also be a wonderful way to calm your parasympathetic nervous system. 

Each Phoenix & Providence skincare product is paired with a ‘ritual for use’ breathing exercise, elevating your skincare routine with an intentional moment of pause. Morag created these rituals, so I am thrilled to share her guidance in greater depth with you all.

In each video Morag demonstrates a different breathing technique, equipping you with the ability to integrate these exercises into your everyday life when most needed. 

1) The Three Part Breathe

An exercise to focus on the whole breathe.


2) Breathe Retention

An exercise to calm the mind and slow down our parasympathetic system, entering a rest and digest state.


3) Alternative Nostril Breathing

An exercise to balance breath and the energy channels within us.


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