We welcome you to enjoy an Innis moment…

Innis, meaning a small island, is the name we have given our new face mask. Made from seaweed, clay and natural plant extracts, our Innis Seaweed & Clay Face Mask is deeply cleansing and purifying, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As well as using ingredients foraged from the shores of our island home, we wanted to transport you to your own place of relaxation, your own island sanctuary. 

Hypnotherapist and breath work coach Helen Kelynack of Senara’s Sister has created, exclusively for the P & P community, ‘An Innis Moment’.  This guided relaxation will help ease you into a state of deep rest in the 10 minutes you set aside for your Innis Face Mask Moment.


Thank you so much to Helen for creating this wonderful guided relaxation for us all. You can find out more about Helen and her work on the P & P Journal here or you can head to the Senara’s Sister website here. 

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Innis Seaweed & Clay Face Mask £18

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