We use high quality, organic ingredients in our skincare. All seaweed is harvested by hand, and our products formulated in small batches by our tiny team. Whilst we appreciate high quality skincare (and assume you do to!) we also feel it is important to offer value for money. Here is a guide to how to use our skincare economically, ensuring your skin also gets maximum benefit.

As ever, we hope you enhance your P & P Skincare Rituals by taking a moment to yourself. Incorporating this simple practice will help allow you an intentional moment of self-care: deeply inhale and exhale, relax your shoulders, soften your forehead, and release your jaw.

Skincare Savings Rituals

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Skincare Subscriptions

A 3, 4 or 5 month subscription to your favourite products will save you 15% each time. You could create a subscription to one of our skincare rituals, saving you nearly 30% on the full product price!

Rewards Points

If you join our reward programme (found on our homepage) then you can collect 5 points for every £1 spent. For every 100 points you collect you can redeem £1 of your order. For more information on how our points system works, head to this page.

Economical Skincare Guide 


How long does it last when used regularly?

How to use economically...

Nurture Face Oil £29


3 months

Use 4 drops morning and evening. Apply to damp skin to help the oil go future, and to lock in extra moisture. You can apply straight to your face using the pipette. Or if you’d prefer to drop the oil into your hands, massage the remains oil into your hands once you have applied to your face.

Nourish Body Oil £26

2 months 

Apply the oil to damp skin to help the oil go further, and to lock in extra moisture.

Use as a bath oil, add 1 tablespoon to warm water for all over body hydration.

Mix with a spoonful of our Rejuvenate Seaweed Bath Salts to create a body scrub.

Purchase a reusable pump to use the oil with more control.

Soothe Hand & Body Balm £17.50

3/4 months

Apply to balm sparingly to areas of dry skin, a little goes a long way.

Use a cleanser, massage a little into your face and remove with a warm wash cloth.

Suitable for sensitive skin and use by the whole family.

Balance Cleansing Oil £24

4/5 months 

Massage two pumps of oil into dry skin, paying attention to congested areas.

Splash with warm water to create a light cleaning milk, remove with a warm washcloth.

Rejuvenate Seaweed Bath Salts £16

5/6 baths

Add a handful of salts to the bath. Add the salts once you have run the bath so you can enjoy the immediate therapeutic benefits of the essential oil blend, formulated the calm, ease tension and emotional overwhelm.

Innis Seaweed & Clay Face Mask £18

7/8 face masks

In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of powder with a little water to make a paste. Apply to skin and leave for ten minutes to dry. Remove the mask with warm water and a washcloth.

For a speedy skin boost, mix a pinch of the face mask powder with a little water in the palm of your hand and use as a gentle but effective exfoliator.

Soften Lip Balm £7.50

5/6 months
Apply sparingly. Use on any areas of sore skin.
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