New year, new you. That’s the messaging that we are sold at this time of year. In fact, at this time of year our energy levels are usually at their lowest with the darker day and colder weather. We instinctively want to hibernate, living in tune with the natural world around us. That’s why I thought I’d share a different take on things. How about trying, new year, look after you?

Here are five ways you can look after yourself in the year ahead….


Walking is so good for us. Physically walking elevates our heart rate and works our muscles. The benefits of walking for our mental health are vast. I find it is often when I’m walking that I unknit any problems I have been sitting with, it is also when I have my most creative ideas. Walking can offer us a chance to connect with nature, be present and observe the changing seasons. And as if all of that isn’t enough, walking has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for our brain health and associated with a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Admittedly, it is harder to fit in a walk when the days are shorter. Perhaps consider walking on your lunch break, or walk to and from work or an appointment. Come February the days rapidly become lighter so hold on to that!


Last year I embarked on Dry January, and I haven’t had an alcoholic drink since. Taking a break from alcohol (no matter how much you drink) is important for your liver. I have found the positive impacts of not drinking to be wide ranging. Having just one or two alcoholic drinks can affect our sleep. Improving our sleep quality can lead to feeling more energised the next day, having more balanced blood sugar levels and a general sense of wellness. I have found I am able to make more consistent healthy food and exercise choices without the slight brain fog a couple of glasses of wine left me with.

For me personally, having a drink at the end of the day became a way to wind down. However, changing this habit has made me more aware of what triggers a stress response within myself. This awareness and acknowledgment of negative feelings has had a profound impact on my state of mind. Whether it is alcohol, late evening snacking or perhaps social media scrolling, questioning at the reasons behind these habits can help with our self- awareness. These habits don’t have to be removed, but we can consider if there is an alternative habit that would better serve us and our overall wellbeing.


Laughter is a much under rated corner stone of our overall wellbeing. Spend some time with those people who really make you belly laugh. Watch something funny on TV or revisit something that you remember being hilarious when you were a child. My husband recently found his childhood collection of Garfield books. Both of my children have been laughing out loud reading them at bedtime!


Yes, that old chestnut, eat the rainbow. Thinking of what nutrition to add to your plate, rather than what to take away, is a good principle to follow. Add an extra portion of vegetables, a sprinkling of seeds or have a few chopped nuts. Avoiding ultra- processed foods leads us naturally to eating a healthier, whole food, colourful diet. 

Over the past year I have found taking this positive approach to nutrition, rather than counting calories, has led to me eating better, feeling fuller and generally having more energy. Eating well also has a positive impact on our skin health!


Our skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in keeping out infection and regulating our body temperature. Winter can be a challenging time for our skin. Cold weather and low humidity can weaken our skin’s natural protective barrier allowing water to escape and irritants to enter, resulting in dry and sensitive skin.

Our natural seaweed infused skincare is packed with antioxidants that help to replenish and strength our skin barrier. Seaweed is also rich in iodine and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and selenium, that can help repair skin and soothe irritation. With our simple skincare ritual, bookend your day with a simple act of intention, a pause in the present, a moment of self-connection. 

Find out more about our Daily Skincare Ritual here.


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