Deeply cleansing and purifying, our 100% natural, spa- quality Innis Face Mask is made from a combination of enriching clay and hand-foraged seaweed; the perfect mask to smooth the skin and restore balance, whilst giving you some time to reconnect with yourself.

The addition of antioxidant rich rosehip extract gently exfoliates skin, whilst anti-inflammatory hemp extract decongests pores, leaving you with smooth and bright complexion.

Lavender and rosemary essential oils tone your skin, simultaneously providing a relaxing and refreshing aroma.

The seaweed face mask is a versatile product and can be tailored to the needs of your skin. Here are 3 ways to use our Innis Seaweed and Clay Face Mask:

1) For skin in need of rejuvenation/ acne prone and congested skin/ hormonal skin:

In a small bowl mix together one spoonful of clay and a little water to make a paste. Apply the mask to the skin in an even layer, leave for 10/15 minutes before removing with warm water and a face cloth.

 2) For dry skin:

In a small bowl mix together 1/2 teaspoon of our Soothe Balm and 1/2 teaspoon of clay mask. Apply the mask to clean, dry skin and leave for 10 minutes. Remove with warm water and a face cloth. This mask will gently exfoliate without drying skin.

 3) For a speedy skin boost:

Mix a pinch of the face mask powder with a little water in the palm of your hand and use as a gentle but effective exfoliator.

Follow your face mask treatment by massaging a few drops of our Nurture Face Oil into your skin. The added hydration from this vitamin rich oil will complete the seaweed facial, leaving your skin rejuvenated and refreshed, with a natural glow.


Innis Seaweed & Clay Face Mask £18

Nurture Face Oil £29

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