The idea of cleansing your skin with oil can, understandably, be assumed as counterproductive. However the natural plant oils in our Balance Cleansing Oil bind with excess oil, make up, SPF and dirt molecules. The addition of a natural emulsifier melts away these impurities when the cleansing oil comes into contact with water, leaving you with clean, soft and glowing skin.

Gentle and effective, Balance simultaneously cleanses and nourishes and is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

If you are unsure about using a cleansing oil on acne prone skin, read on to discover The Oil Epiphany.

The Oil Epiphany  

One of the biggest concerns is the fear of putting oil onto oily skin but oil is one of the best antidotes to acne. The reason for this is that cleansing with harsh chemicals strips the skin of oil. When this happens, your skin works to overproduce more oil to overcompensate, upsetting the natural balance of your skin.

Adding oil to your skincare routine, allows your skin to retain moisture, protect the skin barrier and infuse linoleic acid that helps pores remain decongested. Your skin receives a healthy dose of minerals and nutrients, while simultaneously removing dead skin cells and any dirt from the day. And the best bit is your face will feel good after cleansing and not tight or dehydrated. Remember: tight skin is thirsty skin. So if you have acne and you’re nervous it’s totally understandable but give it a try, you will never look back once you experience the oil epiphany for yourself.

The Hero Ingredients

Our Balance Cleansing Oil is infused with anti-inflammatory seaweed harvested from the shores of St Martins, and packed full of antioxidants to soothe skin. Seaweed is also full of essential vitamins that help to improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. High in linoleic acid, organic hemp seed oil helps to unclog pores.


The addition of a natural emulsifier turns the cleansing oil to milk when combined with water. Nourishing, non-stripping and free from essential oils and fragrance, Balance gently cleanses and protects the skin barrier, leaving you with a healthy glow.

How To Use Cleansing Oil

Massage two pumps of Balance Cleansing Oil into your face. Splash with warm water and remove the cleanser thoroughly with a warm washcloth. While skin is still damp, follow with a few drops of Nurture Face Oil. 

Take a moment to deeply inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, releasing any tension as you do so.

To find out more about the benefits of seaweed for skin, and for a simple skincare ritual for your skin type, head over to this page.

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