Grace Gilby runs Red Bay Pilates. Through her Pilates classes, Grace teaches a mindful approach to movement through alignment, breathe and core stability. Grace has kindly films a series of three Supple Spines Pilates Classes exclusively for the P & P community that you can find here.

I first met Grace at secondary school, instantly drawn to her megawatt smile and infectious laugh! Grace was always dancing, and it was no surprise when she went on to study this at university. It was during her degree course that she came across Pilates as way to strengthen the body centre and lengthen muscles.

1. How did you discover Pilates?

I came across Pilates at my local sports centre in my late teens. It was taught by a lady who always wore leopard print leggings and had bright red nails and matching lipstick. The glamour! I was recommended to do it due to having an achy back, the result of being bendy (hyper mobile), dancing from a young age and playing quite a bit of sport in my teens. 

2. And what motivated you to become a qualified instructor?

I did a Dance & Theatre degree and we had to do Pilates to warm-up before class, to prevent injuries or to use as recovery and rehab. I realised how important Pilates could be to support people with their day to day lives and after a little spell away from having movement as my daily focus, I knew that I missed it being in my life.

By being a Pilates teacher, I get to move myself, help others discover the joys of movement as well as doing some sort of choreography when I create my lesson plans. My clients think it is hilarious when I get distracted by how they can unintentionally move as one. They wouldn’t be able to do it again if they tried but that brief moment brings me back to my dancer days which I love. 

3. You have a busy life, renovating your house, raising two young children, and running your own business, how do you make time for yourself?

The early mornings are my time, I get up before the rest of house wake up and enjoy pottering around. I work hard to carve out time for me and schedule in meet ups with mates or with my husband in advanced so that we can work out the fun logistics of childcare etc.

4. What one simple practice do you do most days, that enhances your own wellbeing?

Walking our Sprocker, Buddy. Dogs are our own little personal trainers aren’t they..! If it is a walk around the block, then I listen to a podcast (Annie Mac’s Changes is my absolute fave) and if we walk along the beach or up on the common, then I try not to have my headphones in and use it as a chance to take in my surroundings and enjoy submersing myself amongst nature. 

5. You live in beautiful East Devon, what is your favourite way to spend a day off working and have some fun?

The kids love the beach so most weekends we grab a drink from the local coffee hut and have a play. If it is just me and Buddy, then I love walking along the river Otter from Otterton to Budleigh. It is ever changing, and you never know what you may see along there. 

6. Finally, do you have a favourite P & P product?

I’m obsessed with the P & P Nurture facial oil. My skin feels alive and bright, and my freckles seem more pronounced which I am enjoying too!

Thank you so much for your time, Grace.

If you live in East Devon, you are lucky enough to be able to attend Grace’s classes in person! However, Grace also offers Pilates sessions over zoom for those of us further away. You can find out more about Red Bay Pilates here.

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