A huge thank you to Grace, of Red Bay Pilates, who has generously filmed this Supple Spines Pilates series exclusively for the P & P Community. Through her Pilates classes, Grace teaches a mindful approach to movement through alignment, breathe and core stability. Practicing Pilates not only routes us into the moment and connects us to our bodies, but helps build strength, allowing for more ease in everyday life. 

If you live in East Devon, you are lucky enough to be able to attend Grace’s classes in person! However, Grace also offers Pilates sessions over zoom for those of us further away. You can find out more about Red Bay Pilates here.

Class 1:


Class 2:




Class 3:



About Grace…

I first met Grace at secondary school, instantly drawn to her megawatt smile and infectious laugh! Grace was always dancing, and it was no surprise when she went on to study this at university. It was during her degree course that she first discovered Pilates as way to strengthen the body centre and lengthen muscles. After a sedentary office job led to back pain and sticky joints, Grace returned to Pilates as a means of rehabilitation.

Grace’s love for Pilates and movement was reawakened, naturally leading her to train as a Pilates teacher. Grace studied an in-depth course of Body Control Pilates, an organisation that requires their students to continue their learning whilst teaching, meaning her classes are current and her clients challenged!

You can read our P & P People conversation with Grace here

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